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Age: 16 months
Weight: 26 lbs 14 oz
Height: 31.25 inches
Teeth: 7

Newest Milestone:
tries to 'run'
says words
up & down stairs

very chatty
eats 'solids'
rolls both ways
sits unassisted
stands by leaning
passes objects from hand to hand
pincer grasp
feeds self finger foods
pulls up to standing
first tooth
crawls backward
crawls forward
gets to sitting from tummy
cruises furniture
stands alone
takes a few steps
waves bye bye

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Babeth578.jpg [February 23rd, 2008 at 5:46pm ]
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oops [January 19th, 2008 at 11:27pm ]
I totally forgot to mention to those who were still reading my LJ that I got a new blog. It's one I set up for our family but, you're welcome to check it out:
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Too Cute [November 27th, 2007 at 8:22am ]
[ mood | tired ]

One of these days I'll get around to writing up a backlog of tidbits that I never bothered to post in here. I really have to just get in the habit of posting all of life's excitements and the kids' milestones in here rather than on bulletin boards and MSN. This was where I was going to keep track of everything but, I'm lucky if I sit down to write something once a month.

Anyway, Xander was just too cute yesterday. He has found a sure-fire way to make me drop everything and pay attention just to him. He climbs up on the ottoman by my feet, spreads his arms open, puts a big grin on his face and says, "Need a hug?" He was also really chatty yesterday and would sit in that same spot chattering away and using his hands, though I'll be darned if I know what the heck he was saying. I only wish he'd done it for the camera.

Elizabeth is still doing well, though I think she may still have a sensitivity to dairy. She wasn't really acting right the day after she had a whole slice of pumpkin pie (for those who don't know, it's made with a whole can of evaporated milk). It's just so tough to tell what's bothering her now that she's over the spitting up phase.

As for me, I'm having issues with my neck and shoulders again. I think I might call the Garden Spa and see if I can get in for a massage. I really hate to spend the money but, I really think I need it.

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Poop [October 19th, 2007 at 10:22am ]
[ mood | amused ]

It's time to start potty training! While I was showering this morning Xander decided to take his diaper off and poop on the floor instead of in the diaper. I stuck him on the potty while I cleaned up but, he didn't do anything. I'm going to start putting him on his potty whenever I go to the bathroom since that's the only way I'll remember to put him on it. LOL *bad mommy*

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my little stripper [October 18th, 2007 at 2:01am ]
[ mood | amused ]

Elizabeth is cracking me up. She took off her pants after her nap so when I went upstairs to get her, she was bouncing in the crib and waving her pants over her head. Not even an hour later she's downstairs hanging on the gate in front of the TV dancing and swinging her diaper over her head with a naked bottom. LOL

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milestones [October 1st, 2007 at 8:23am ]
[ mood | excited ]

Elizabeth is going to be consistently walking by the end of the week. She started taking a few steps a few days ago and then yesterday she was walking everywhere in the living room instead of just taking a few steps and then crawling.

Xander helped me bake an apple pie for Shawn last night, too. He was so sad when we were finished but, I only needed four apples (they were HUGE). I had him standing on his step stool and he helped turn the crank on the apple corer/peeling/slicer. Shawn took pictures that I'll have to upload at some point. tee hee

Cute moment of the day (Sunday): Shawn, Xan, and I were sitting on the couch and Elizabeth banged her chin on Shawn's knee and started screaming the way she does. Shawn picked her up and told Xander that she was sad. So, Xander asked, "Why you sad?" and pets her on the head then, starts making her laugh by being silly. Xander's really starting to be more sensitive to the feelings of others (and able to express that with words and trying to help).

And the biggest news of the day: Elizabeth sleep through the night! (In the technical sense of that phrase). I'm not sure what time she woke up and came into bed with us but, I think it was around midnight. She didn't eat but, settled right down to sleep again (she went to bed at 8:30). She didn't wake up again until 6am! And then we slept in until 7:30!! I feel so much more rested today; it's awesome! I just hope this keeps up and she'll start doing it in her crib!

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Steps! [September 28th, 2007 at 1:32pm ]
[ mood | excited ]

Elizabeth took 5 steps in a row on Wednesday afternoon! Then she took lots of steps while hanging onto Daddy's hands. She's taking more and more random steps every day now. It's very exciting. I wonder what it will be like to have two walkers around. Oh goodness, it's going to be total chaos!! But, oh so very fun. :)

Xander did the cutest thing last night. He got the stuffed Mater that Chad gave him and put him in front of his toy tractor. Then, he made a mooing sound and tipped the tractor. LOL

I've been very productive with my crochet this week, too. I finally finished the pair of longies I was making for Elizabeth (I think they should fit for this fall/winter), the bag I started ages ago, and a partially felted cochet hook case (my very first felting project). I'm almost done crocheting up a mini tote that I'll felt the next time I wash diapers (this afternoon, I hope).

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new words [September 24th, 2007 at 10:16am ]
[ mood | sick ]

Xander cracks me up. Last night he learned a new word: Porsche

He was playing with his car from Cars and I told him her name was Sally (and then he said "Sally"). Then, I told him Sally is a Porsche (and then he said, "Porsche"). He actually pronounced it perfectly: porsha. Too cute!

Elizabeth is doing good, though she's still waking up every hour or two at night which isn't helping me get over my cold which I probably wouldn't have gotten if I had been sleeping properly in the first place. She's really close to walking now, she just needs to take the plunge because I think she's perfectly capable of it.

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[September 21st, 2007 at 8:15am ]
[ mood | tired ]

Yeah. haha Shawn forgot to latch the cabinet and someone decided to try get himself breakfast. It could have been a lot worse but, he had torn open a box of nutrigrain bars (couldn't get the actual bar open- thank goodness!), took out the tea, and poured some grapenuts on the floor (I think those just fell out when he grabbed handfuls to try and eat). So yeah, we both have to be more careful with that cabinet because when we don't latch it, he uses the latch to open the door.

I slept awfully last night. In addition to her waking up every hour or two (2-3 times by 3am), my throat was SOOOO sore so of course every time I woke up it took forever to fall back asleep. It was so bad at 3 that I took a cough drop and played on my Palm for a few minutes.

I need to go through some of my posts in various spam threads and update my journal with things I wrote there and not here. I've been having such issues updating in here. So, here's some of the lowdown on happenings this week (I'll do a backdated vacation entry soon, too).

Elizabeth waved at me yesterday! Oh gosh, she and Xander are just too cute. She's also started making vroom noises when she plays with cars and trucks. She's almost as attached to cars as Xander. And Xander is such a chatter box. I don't know most of what he's saying but, he likes to talk.

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cuties [September 5th, 2007 at 7:59am ]
[ mood | tired ]

Well, I think Elizabeth had roseola. It started a couple weeks ago with a low grade fever on Tuesday afternoon. We heard Shawn's grandfather died and she was feeling ill Wed so we weren't sure if we'd go. She was basically sleeping every couple hours for about an hour or more at a time and not eating very much at all. I think the only reason she was so good all day Thursday for the funeral services was because she was held the whole time. She was still ill Friday and Saturday. On Sunday her low-grade fever broke and she broke out into a rash on her back and chest which spread to her neck. She felt better and then when the rash disappeared on Tuesday she was back to normal.

She's been stealing Xander's sippy cups lately, too. She can drink from a cup or a straw. This week she's really been practicing her balance. More often than not she wants to put placed on the floor in a standing position and will stay there without any support at all until she lowers herself to the floor. She doesn't want any help at all with taking steps. On Monday she found the Curious George stuffed animal dressed in baseball gear. Yesterday she was attached to it. She carried it everywhere with her. It was way too cute. Xander never had a security object but, I wonder if it's more of a girl's affinity for stuffed animals than a security object at this point.

Speaking of Xander, I have to start writing down some of the more funny things he says and does for Shawn. Like, when I ask him if he wants lunch, he'll say, "Cook it!" Because when I make his lunch and he gets impatient I tell him, "Mommy's cooking it." He's also gotten into the habit of saying, "Thank you," every time he gives you something. Sometimes he'll even say, "Thank you. Welcome." We think it's because every time Shawn hands him a cracker or something he says, "Say thank you, Daddy. Thank you." So, Xander is a little confused. LOL I'll have to think of some other ones.

Another funny thing is Xander tapping the TV screen. He was doing it a lot one week and then one day we were watching sitcoms or something and th Honda commercial with 'Mr. Opportunity' came on. He tapped the 'glass' and Xander imitated him. So, THAT'S how he picked that up. LOL

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forgetful [August 22nd, 2007 at 4:16am ]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Well, it's 4am and I'm awake so I figured I'd finally get around to remembering to update. And as soon as I said that, someone decided it might b time to go back to bed.

My nephew, Colby Matthew, was born last Tuesday. He had leaky valves and within a couple hours of his birth had a balloon put in. On Friday he had open heart surgery to correct the problem. We heard the surgery went well and he was recovering but, haven't heard much since. That would be because Grandpa (Mary Ann's father) died early Monday morning. So, the boys (Danny and Josh) are flying in today and Shawn will be picking them up. We'll take both Shawn's and my car over to NY later today since we can't fit all six of us in one car. The services start at 8:30 (family gathering for the wake) tomorrow morning and will end with a family gathering at 2 or 3. So, we'll probably end up staying Thursday night as well. I have to get working on the church bulletins so I'm hoping to sneak online for at least a little while at some point. If we stay in a hotel it's possible they'll have net access (I think we're staying in the same place we did a few years ago and if I remember correctly, it was $10 for unlimited broadband access).

Now, this all assumes Elizabeth is feeling better than she did yesterday. I can't really tell yet (it's now 7:50 that I'm finishing this update) but, he is a little on the cranky side and I just put her down for a nap. If she doesn't feel better by this afternoon, I'm going to stay home with her tomorrow while Xander and Shawn just go up for the day (Josh and Danny will take my car up this afternoon, I'm guessing). Part of me actually wants Elizabeth to still be ill but, that's just me being selfish. The kids will really help to ease the grieving of Grandma and Great Grandma and a little trip to NY never hurt anyone (even if it means losing the one night Erin can be online to RP- some things are just more important than Role Playing).

Shawn may start sleeping downstairs. Between exercising and waking up every other time I roll over to feed Elizabeth, he's not getting good sleep and his work is starting to suffer. It's hard for me to be sympathetic because at least he's not waking up EVERY time Elizabeth wakes up and he has the ability to sleep in whatever position is most comfortable,not on either one side or the other side with a baby using your arm as a pillow, AND he doesn't have her attached to his boob, trying not to fall back asleep so you can put her back in the crib so the previous issue isn't an issue and failing. And it wasn't like he actually GOT OUT OF BED for an hour in the middle of the night while Elizabeth played, ate, and pooped. He got to go back to sleep. But, I don't have to think much with my job whereas he's an engineer so, I really do understand about him needing sleep. It would just be nice for him to acknowledge the fact that he's not the only one not getting a good night's sleep and maybe, just maybe, I'm actually getting worse sleep than him so it might be nice if he took Elizabeth downstairs on the weekend so I can sleep in BEFORE she already wakes me up to the point where I won't fall back asleep (he usually does it after she's been playing around in bed and smacking me in the face for 15 minutes or more).

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early morning wanderings [August 16th, 2007 at 2:54pm ]
[ mood | amused ]

I was dreaming last night, something about Shawn and me though I'm not sure what. I started hearing Xander talking and thought, "Xander isn't in this dream." So, that woke me up. I sat up and Xander was standing at the top of the stairs looking at the bed. "Cake." LOL Apparently he got up and walked through the gate into the kitchen since I'd forgotten to close it before I went to bed. He walked past a cake I had hidden on a box in the kitchen. LOL

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Big Boy Bed [August 14th, 2007 at 8:24am ]
[ mood | tired ]

I really need to journal more often. I can't believe it's been four weeks since my last update. Elizabeth is awesome at 'pulling up' to standing. She hardly needs to use her hands at all anymore. She's also started cruising this week and loves to let go and freestand, then slowly lower herself to her bottom. We've also started giving her baths in the big bath a couple weeks ago. Xander doesn't really like sharing the tub with her but, she LOVES it.

But, this entry was inspired by Xander. When I went to take him out of his crib after his nap yesterday he nearly flipped out of it. So, curious, I measured him and he's at least 35 inches, which is the height limit for the crib. Rather than wait for him to actually flip out of the crib and maybe hurt himself, I decided to change his crib over to the transitional bed. Last night was his first night and he did really well. He got out of bed once, right after I put him down. I heard the doorknob twisting. LOL So, I went in, put him back down and he stayed in bed the rest of the night, though we did have to go down a couple times in the middle of the night to comfort him. When I checked on him before going to bed he was in the corner right next to the wall. I'm not sure if he was afraid of falling out or if that's just the position he wanted to be in (sometimes he does that). He stayed in bed a little extra this morning after waking up and then came out when he was ready, handing me his binky (he's only allowed a pacifier when sleeping). 2 years and 3 months. He's growing up!

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Kids [July 12th, 2007 at 11:23am ]
[ mood | shocked ]

Xander asked for bread and cheese for lunch. So, I said, "Okay I'll make you grilled cheese." I started getting the stuff out and he's saying, "Cook it! Cook it!" LOL We're working on learning to say 'grilled cheese' now. Then, I gave him his plate and he said what sounded like, "Oh shit" Well, we don't say that so it must have been something else, though I'll be darned if I know what.

Yesterday Elizabeth pulled out some of Xander's hair and he laughed. They're starting to have more fun together. If only I could keep Xander's twistable crayons away from Elizabeth.

Last night ELizabeth choke-coughed while I was feeding her. It seemed like she was chewing on something so I figured it was just a cheerio or puff and left it alone when she seemed to be fine. She choke-coughed again in the middle of the night and Shawn just thought it was snot. She choke-coughed again after her 6am feeding and I saw something come out of her mouth. It was a small piece of foam from Xander's little football! She must have had it in her mouth from before 9pm!!

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Wow [July 9th, 2007 at 8:03pm ]
[ mood | tired ]

Elizabeth was really good at the appointment on Friday. The doctor said, 'Are you sure this isn't the nine month appointment?' She said her physical development was more what she sees at the nine month appointments and that she sees a lot of sixth month olds and they aren't crawling like Elizabeth, yet. She said, "I can't wait to see her at nine months." But, physical achievements aside, she's still 50th percentile for height (26 inches) and weight (15 pounds 4 ounces) and 10th percentile for head circumference (I wonder where she gets that from LOL). Xander was a little upset when we first got into the room and again just before shots. I'm not sure if he was concerned for Elizabeth or afraid it was his turn for the doctor and shots. Stickers only placate him for so long.

Then, on Saturday, Elizabeth pulled herself up to standing for the first time! When I told my mother she said, "Oh my God, Kristi, what are you going to do?" LOL

The kids are starting to play together more. Xander was putting the cushion on top of Elizabeth and trying 'smoosh' her like Daddy does to him, except of course Xander has no concept of 'holding back' so we have to be really careful.

Elizabeth hit another milestone yesterday when Xander started clapping for something he did. Of course Shawn and I got into it too and guess who else wanted to clap with us? It was too cute.

What isn't cute is Elizabeth's regressing back to newborn sleep patterns at night. I am so tired from waking up every 2 hours or more often! The mommas over on DiaperSwappers say their kids went trough something similar about this age and that it will pass. Hopefully it passes soon.

I have one more day of recording to go (the second of two) with the LENA system and then I can start trying to improve the number of adult words per day Elizabeth hears. It was actually really interesting after the first recording to have how little I speak quantified. The best time of day for my kids to hear adult speech is at night when Shawn is home and we talk to one another (right around dinner time). Since I'm doing the study and got the stuff for free ($780 worth :o) we're suppsed to record twice the first week for a baseline without making any changes to our behavior between the first and second recording session, then I'll make active changes to try and increase the words she hears and record once a week for another 10 weeks. I have some surveys to fill out and a phone interview or two at some point to give feedback for my evaluation. The recording data will be used to increase the pool to help people compare where their babies are at and whatnot. It's a really neat system, though I wouldn't pay $780 for it. This seems more like the thing for scientists (which is why I signed up to do the study/product evaluation) or people with loads of money and nothing better to do with it. LOL

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[July 5th, 2007 at 10:48am ]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Elizabeth woke up at 11, 1, 3, and 4. Didn't go back to sleep after that so I got out of bed at 5 and had breakfast at 5:30 (at which point I was wide awake and she was finally back asleep). Shawn went to work an hour early and will probably come home early since she kept us both up from 4-5 while we attempted to get her back to sleep.

I think she might be growth spurting. She's been a little cranky and wanting to eat a bit more often today. They have a growth spurt somewhere around 6 months so I wouldn't be surprised if that was it. She may also have some indigestion because I had chocolate cake yesterday and Tuesday nights. Plus a ton of fruit on Tuesday so my digestion isn't exactly normal either. LOL

In other news, she finally started sitting! The funny thing is, I must have been right about her not siting sooner than this. I figured she was just too busy. Well, when she finally started sitting, it was where sh'd just come off her tummy from crawling and just sit up perfectly. Totally opposite of Xander (and most kids) where they do tipsy sitting, finally master that, then start to reach and grab before crawling and then finally mastering the tummy to sitting. Elizabeth went right into reaching and then crawling until she finally got herself from tummy to sitting. Now she spends a bit more time sitting and I'm hoping that will help her reflux improve even more. We're down to one dose of Zantac a day now!

We've been holding off on giving Elizabeth a nickname, hoping to follow Xander's lead in that area. I think our plan is backfiring. Last night Shawn and I both heard him say 'Elizabeth'. It wasn't perfect but, it was definitely Elizabeth. So, I don't know what/if we're going to shorten her name. Maybe we'll wait another 2 years or so and see what she wants (it'll probably be Elizabeth LOL).

Now, this LJ is not all about the kids (though it certainly seems like it at times). I've been teaching myself to crochet and in my browsing the web checking out crochet, wool, and cloth diapers, I discovered that you can dye wool using Kool Aid. Well, of course I had to give it a try after finding out that I can actually crochet and how cool would it be to dye your own yarn! It took a while to do a four color skein with a contrasting solid skein but, they look AWESOME. I use lemon-lime, tropical punch, berry blue, and grape. I had to set it down for a while after I did the tropical punch dyeing and I must have set it down wrong because some of the punch got on my lemonlime. I ended up redipping in the lemonlime but, the punch was the darker color so, dunking it back in the lemonlime just got rid of the streaks and made the green an olive green rather than the really bright green it was when I first dyed it. But, it didn't turn out bad, it actually looks even better now that I've balled it all up.

Pictures Pictures PicturesCollapse )

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good sign [June 23rd, 2007 at 3:51pm ]
[ mood | chipper ]

Elizabeth is napping in her crib for the first time! I put her down after I fed her because I just KNEW she was exhausted and needed a nap. She fussed about as much as she does at bed time (maybe a minute, tops) and then drifted off to sleep. This is the first time I've been able to get her to nap in the crib. She spends about half the night in her crib before she wants to eat and I fall asleep nursing her so she never makes it back into the crib. During the day I've tried having her nap in there but she either wakes up as soon as I set her down, nor matter how deeply asleep she is, or screams bloody murder. So, she's been napping in the swing which is going to be too short for her at some point. I'm hoping this is a sign that not only will she start to nap in her crib more often but, maybe she'll start to sleep longer at night if she's used to sleeping only in her crib without the swinging motion of the swing.

In other news, we went garage sale-ing today since it's was the Bradford Town-wide Yard Sale today. Shawn bought three road bikes for $5 each at three different sales. He's been looking for one and was like a little kid, all giddy at having gotten three beat up bikes to tinker with. I found a double jogging stroller for $75 (with stroller toys and a mosquito net thrown in). These usually go for $200 or more new and even though it doesn't have a few of the things I would have wanted in a new one (parent tray, bar for the kids, and a swivel front wheel), I wouldn't have gotten one at all because of the price tag. So, now I have a nice jogging stroller which will come in super handy on the road to the beach since it has a brake for the hill and rugged tires for the crazy side of the road. :)

I'm also starting to get into this crocheting thing. I went to the Fiber Studio today and they have AWESOME yarn. The softest wool I have every felt (not scratchy at all, more like silk and it wasn't even cashmere). It's a little more expensive than the stuff at Wal-Mart of JoAnn Fabric and I dind't see any undyed stuff (they might have had some but I was in a hurry so didn't ask) so I'll wait until I get a little more proficient before I go back and spring for some of the good stuff. I'd love to make a pair of longies out of that silky wool (I think it was alpaca and/or merino, actually) for Elizabeth this winter. They were having a yard sale too and Shawn scored a plastic tricycle with a handle on the back so he could push Xander around with it. All-in-all it was a very successful day. I just wish I had more time to relax. By the time Shawn gets home from the bike shop it'll be dinner time and then I'll have to go clean the church.

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Potty Time! [June 21st, 2007 at 8:51pm ]
[ mood | excited ]

Xander just peed in his potty! He wanted to get on it after bath time so Shawn asked if he could. I said, "Yes, of course." Apparently he lifted the lid, sat down, and put the shield on all by himself and then peed. I doubt this is going to become a regular thing just yet but, it's a very encouraging sign. :)

In other news, Elizabeth has been getting more and more mobile. She isn't crawling in the traditional sense but, she's got the army crawl and flopping motion down to a science. I think she's getting frustrated because she wants to walk. She keeps getting up on her toes instead of her knees. She also has to work on going backwards because she tends to get herself stuck in corners. I've also got to keep after Xander to not drop food. I caught Elizabeth with a piece of bread in her hand which she was obviously nibbling on.

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[June 18th, 2007 at 10:19am ]
[ mood | chipper ]

Elizabeth ate a full 2 oz jar of squash last night at dinner. She fell asleep at 8pm and woke up at 10:45 when I pulled her out of the swing. She slept until 5:45am!!! But, then she was awake and I really didn't want to be. I finally got us out of bed at 6:30. She fell asleep again about 30 min before Xander woke up (7am-ish). She ate again at 8:30 and slept for another hour. She also likes yogurt, apparently. Xander pu this spoon on the floor when I went to the bathroom and when I came back out Elizabeth was sucking on it. I took that away and she went after a dropped craisin. I'm not going to have fun with this until after she's a year old and capable of eating those crumbs and they're less of a choking hazzard. I also realized that we really need to start vacuuming at leat every couple of days because she was covered in crumbs after crawling around. There just never seems to be a good time because nap times are the only time the kids are out of the way but, who wants to vacuum while kids are sleeping and risk waking them with the noise? LOL

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best day ever! [June 15th, 2007 at 3:45pm ]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Wow, I am having such a great day today. Xander slept in until 8:30 and took a 2.5 hour nap (which he asked to take). Elizabeth fell asleep not too long after and I managed to take a BATH before my shower (can't wash my hair in the bath) with this free sample of Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey soak I got with some diapers I ordered for the kids. Then, I noticed Elizabeth's knees were getting really red from her army crawling around. I remembered wanting to get these babylegs things (glorified leg warmers but soooo cute!) I did some searching around and found a code for buy one get one free! So, I went ahead and splurged. It was $15 including shipping for two pairs and they have the potential to last her until she's a girls' size 10. I got the Heather Rainbow and Jellybean styles.

Then, the kids are just too cute. They're both in tees and diapers. I took some pics and I just have to upload them. Xander is also just too funny. I'm guessing he wanted to go for a drive because he pulled me over to the front door, picked up his shoe and handed it to me, then lefted up his foot and said, 'shoe'. Then, he pointed up at the hutch where I keep my car keys and said, 'keys'.

To top the day off Shawn called at 3:30 to say he was finished with work for the day and was heading home early! So, we're going to go bicycle shopping with the kids. Shawn and I have been thinking about buying a bike to share. I know the people at the bike store will say we should get individual bikes but, 1) we don't have that kind of money, 2) we aren't even sure we're either one or both going to get into it, and 3) we're the same size and almost exactly the same proportions as far as bikes are concerned (we might need different seats but, that's about it).

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